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Welcome to who I really am behind Cire Mal.

My name is Tom Everson. I currently live with my mother, stepdad, and an annoying, glitter-loving, candy munching, copycat, tomboy of a sister. We all live out in the middle of nowhere, in a large valley, 30 miles outside the nearest city, where farmers live. If it weren't for my sword, it would suck out there.

In my spare time, I work at a University, spend time with my girlfriend (Mea), who I love very much, and I play Final Fantasy games. In the summer my time usage will change. Because I work for a University, I will have much time to do what I want, because there will be nobody there for awhile. In the summer I will probably be going out into the woods with my sword to hack stuff up, and see my girlfriend. Although I may seem like the violent type, I'm not. Swinging a sword builds up your biceps. >:)

I love the medieval times, I have had this thing with it for as long as I can remember. For some reason, I don't feel right in the year 2000, I feel right back when swords were the main weapons, not guns, when there was monarchy, instead of presidency. Basically I am a fantasy minded person.

I know what you are thinking, you are thinking "Man this guy has no life" and between work, school, AOL, and my girlfriend, I don't! I spend more time at my girlfriends house then I do my own house. But I like it that way!

For all of you that have little siblings, I feel for you. I have a little sister, and she thinks she is God, just because she is 11 now. When she wants something of mine, (like to play Playstation) and I say no, my mom gives me this guilt trip. I think they do that just to annoy me!

By the way, I am currently writing a book called "The Forever Heroes." Here is a summary of it.
Summary of Part one: Eric, and Mark, two high school students explore an old abandoned manor looking for something worth value. What they find is more than worth their lives, and everybody elses. Locked inside a tower behind the manor is an ancient devil, who long ago attempted to rule the world, until he was imprisoned. Eric, taking note not to pull the two jewels that held the ancient devil in a limbo like place, left the jewels alone, but Mark not seeing the warnings until he pulled the jewels from the slots, released the powerful devil. Now they have to work together to put the demon back into his place, before the world becomes his once more.

Now the part of the website where I brag about my girlfriend! :) When she reads this she is going to turn red and smile. I love it when she blushes. Lets see...where to begin, well she is gorgeous (that you can see for yourself down at the bottom of the page!!), smart (an honor roll student), imaginative (she is also writing a book. I have already read it, and it is really good!), she draws really good (some of her pictures that she makes up look like they could be real Anime characters. I might even be tempted to put the one on she drew of us *wink wink* Mea), she is easy to have an intelligent conversation with, and one of the best things about her is that she can make me laugh.

Here is a picture of my girlfriend and I.(Sorry it is so big, I have yet to find a way to resize it. This is only my first HTML website ya know) Isn't she gorgeous?