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Welcome to The former Kingdom of Crystal Lake Site

Friends and Family are Forever.

The Kingdom of Crystal Lake has fallen. I have renounced my throne, and taken to a life of peace. You won't find much here, but if you would like please look around.

Who I am, and where I came from. I am Cire, son of Odin and Helen, younger brother to Drake(Odd Eye). Born in a town not far from Crystal Lake called Crimston on a planet called Ekal. Crystal Lake was given to me when I was about 300 years old. We lived in Crimston until I was 400 when my brother was possessed by a devil and became so powerful he couldn't be stopped. He killed my father and mother and then collapsed the house on their bodies. I have lived at Crystal Lake for the remaining time I have been alive.

(Here is a picture of Cire.)

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