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Here is a little about the Kingdom, and how it came to be.

Long ago, about 3,311 years to be exact, I was born unto a world by the name of Ekal. My father was Odin, the Norse God of war from Earth, my mother was Helen of an unknown origin. They had a son before I was born, his name was Drake, and he was a mischevious child. About my 300th birthday after I got Crystal Lake as a gift, Drake was possessed by a devil, which corrupted his mind. He became evil and killed our parents. While I was beating his chest, not hurting him of course, he shoved me back, and was going to kill me too, when he was engulfed by a large portal that opened up from under him. I went to Crystal Lake, and cast a spell upon myself. I fell asleep for 2700 years.

(Above is Crystal Lake Castle, below the clouds is Crystal Lake)

When I awoke, I was surprised to find that my planet had spun off course, and crashed into another planet. Instead of them destroying eachother, they merged. I wandered about for awhile learning what I could from towns near, and far. I learned that Ekal merged with a part of the new world called Rhydin. When I saw the evil stirring about the world, I decided to make a group that stood for all good. The first of my friends was Deanna Jessm, now my wife Deanna Jessm Faith Mal. We have built the Kingdom up, but still need to improve it more so we can get it the best it can be.

(Here is another picture of our Kingdom on a not so cloudy day, and if you look close enough to the left side of the picture, you will be able to see Crystal Lake itself, but not much.)

(Here is the best picture of The Crystal Lake Castle, and Crystal Lake. This is when it was rebuilt, thou it looks mostly the same you will notice a few changes, inspired by Faith Kingdom)

We, as the Kingdom, have survived many hardships, such as my brother Drake returning, and trying to destroy the Kingdom. Another like him, tried the same thing, both are dead. But we have failed, we no longer exist. I have renounced my throne, and will no longer rule as king, though I will stay at Crystal Lake Castle.

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